The Intensity of Bitter-Sweet Moments

Poetry has the power to express emotions in a way that words alone cannot. When we experience moments that are both bitter and sweet, the intensity of those emotions can be overwhelming. How do we capture that intensity in a poem? Here’s my attempt:

In the depth of night where shadows play,
My mind begins to drift and sway,
To memories that pull and tug,
At heart strings that refuse to shrug.

Bitter and sweet, in equal measure,
A potent brew that offers pleasure,
But also leaves a bitter sting,
A taste that lingers, haunting.

The times we laughed until we cried,
The moments when we said goodbye,
The bittersweetness of it all,
The joyful rise, the sudden fall.

In these moments, I feel alive,
Emotions that I can’t deny,
The intensity of bitter-sweet,
A love so deep, so incomplete.

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