The Lonely Moon

Blurred vision, blind stare, pity’s full moon holds answers to life’s lead
Misunderstood and lonely, moon never lies, shifting sand falls through time’s thread

Gossip and lies, sandstorm of pain, cries unheard, truth’s voice never freed
Thunderbolts strike, energy felt and heard, brewing storm, suffocation’s greed

Toxin taste of vomit, poison words of promise, spell of nefarious deeds
Wanting to run, to leave, to escape from false witness, false stand, past’s grand seeds

Life’s waiting game, anxiety’s driver, paranoid co-pilot leading insane heights
Lone wolf leading none, no grace of company, no followers, self-loathing bites

Pious path, dangerous ride, self-punishment, loathing, hate, destruction’s stride
Invisible, non-existent, undying questions of WHY, ridiculed actions, final backside.

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