The Magic of London’s Streets

On the streets of London,
Where the hustle and bustle never ends,
There’s a certain magic in the air,
That fills me up with joy and glee.

From the Tower Bridge to Trafalgar Square,
The city is alive and bright,
With bustling crowds and lively sounds,
That fill my heart with delight.

I stroll along the cobblestone streets,
Taking in the sights and sounds,
And I can’t help but feel so alive,
In this vibrant, bustling town.

The red buses and black cabs,
Whizzing by in a blur,
And the people hurrying to and fro,
Make my heart sing and my spirit stir.

The street performers and artists,
Adding color to the scene,
And the friendly faces that I meet,
Make me feel like I’m living a dream.

So here’s to the streets of London,
And the happiness they bring,
For there’s no other place like it,
And it makes my heart want to sing.

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