The Moving Finger

The Moving Finger is a mysterious and intriguing title that inspires drama and suspense. To bring out the essence of this title, why not write a thought-provoking poem? A poem that will leave the reader pondering long after reading it.

dance of fingers

As I sit by my window,
Gazing at the sky,
I see the clouds forming
A moving finger up high.

It points to the future,
With every twist and turn,
Guiding us to our destiny,
As we live and learn.

But what if this finger
Points to a path of pain?
A road that leads to sorrow,
A fate that’s hard to sustain.

Is there a way to change it?
To rewrite our destiny?
Or must we heed the finger,
And submit to its decree?

Let us then embrace our fate,
Fearless as we go,
For even if we falter,
Our moving finger will show.

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