The past is a rope

The past is a rope,
A tangled ball of knots.
It’s hard to untangle,
And it’s easy to get caught.

The knots are our memories,
The good and the bad.
They’re all tangled together,
And it’s hard to tell them apart.

Sometimes we try to forget the bad,
But it’s always there.
It’s a part of us,
Whether we like it or not.

But the past doesn’t have to define us.
We can learn from our mistakes,
And we can move on.

We can untie the knots,
One by one.
It’s not easy,
But it’s worth it.

The past is a rope,
But it’s not a chain.
We can break free,
And start anew.

We can create a new future,
One that’s free from the past.
We can untie the knots,
And start fresh.

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