The power of words

The power of words, it’s a force to behold,
Language and communication, they never grow old.
Expression through poetry, or prose so fine,
Emotion and connection, they’re intertwined.

Understanding and empathy, they’re what we seek,
Inspiration and creativity, they’re what we speak.
Imagination and impact, they’re what we make,
Influence and change, they’re what we take.

Perception and perspective, they’re what we share,
Through the power of words, we show we care.
For words have the power, to move and to sway,
To change hearts and minds, in every way.

So let us use our words, with care and with thought,
For they have the power, to heal or to wrought.
Let us use them wisely, to inspire and to ignite,
For the power of words, it’s a beautiful sight.

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