The Price Justifies

The price justifies, some say,
When value meets the cost.
But what is true worth, I ask,
When all that’s gained is lost?

For in the pursuit of riches,
We sacrifice our soul.
And trade our time for treasures,
That make us feel so whole.

But can we buy contentment?
Or happiness untold?
Can wealth erase the emptiness,
That lingers in our core?

The price justifies, perhaps,
For those who seek to please.
But true fulfillment comes from within,
And not from outward ease.

So let us pause and ponder,
The worth of what we crave.
For in the end, the greatest prize,
Is one that we can save.

The price justifies, some say,
But only if we choose.
To value what is truly precious,
And all that life imbues.

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