The Prisms of Life

The Prisms of Life

Life’s spectrum shines bright
Reflecting prisms of pure light
A multitude of colors dance
In each precious, fleeting glance

From birth to death, we journey through
The prisms of life, old and new
Each moment a hue to behold
A story of color to unfold

Golden sunsets and amber leaves
The hues of autumn weave and breathe
Winter’s chill, a crystal sight
A prism of blue, icy and bright

Spring flowers in rosy bloom
A prism of pink, their sweet perfume
Summer days of emerald green
A prism of life, a vibrant scene

The prisms of life, varied and true
A kaleidoscope of tales for me and you
Let’s cherish each color, each hue
For life’s prism is ever-changing and new.

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