The Puzzle of Life

Life is like a puzzle, with pieces to arrange,
Each one unique, with its shape and its range.
Some are bright and colorful, others dull and gray,
But each one is important in its own special way.

Sometimes it’s hard to see where each piece belongs,
But with patience and effort, we can right the wrongs.
Connect the dots, follow the clues,
And soon the picture will come into view.

There are twists and turns along the way,
And some pieces may be missing, causing dismay.
But keep on searching, don’t lose hope,
For soon enough you’ll find a way to cope.

So take each piece and handle it with care,
For every single one has a story to share.
Put them together, bit by bit,
And watch as the puzzle begins to fit.

Inspired by: Connect the dots by Shadowedrose_prompts on Instagram

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