The Sting of Words

Disrespectful criticism not able to speak back,
Like venomous poison, it can cause a brutal attack.
Piercing through the skin, it seeps into the soul,
Leaving scars that are deep, taking a heavy toll.

The tongue can be a sword, cutting through the heart,
Leaving wounds that are hard to heal, tearing us apart.
The weight of words can be crushing, heavy to bear,
Leaving us feeling helpless, lost in despair.

It’s important to remember, words hold great power,
They can lift us up or bring us down in an hour.
Let’s use our voices to build, to encourage and inspire,
To lift others up, to spread love and light like a fire.

For disrespectful criticism not able to speak back,
Can leave a lasting sting, a brutal attack.
Let’s choose our words with care, let kindness lead the way,
For they can heal and uplift, bringing hope and light to our day.

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