The Sweetness of Sorrow

Sorrow may seem bitter, but there’s sweetness too,
A poignant reminder of love we once knew.
Memories that keep us anchored to the past,
And help us to weather the stormy forecast.

The ache in our hearts may never completely heal,
But it’s a sign of a life that was vivid and real.
An ode to those who’ve gone before us,
Their stories etched forever in our consciousness.

The sweetness of sorrow comes from the shared pain,
The comfort of knowing we’re not alone in our refrain.
We hold tightly to those who matter most,
And cherish their memory like a treasured ghost.

It’s hard to let go and say our final goodbye,
To a love so pure it touched the sky.
But in our sadness, we find solace in each other,
A balm for our grief, a light for our brother.

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