The Virtue of Waiting

The Virtue of Waiting

The Virtue of Waiting

Some people say that waiting is a waste of time
That life is too short to sit and watch it pass by
That we should seize the moment and act on every sign
That we should chase our dreams and never stop to ask why

But I believe that waiting is a virtue and a skill
That life is too precious to rush and miss the beauty
That we should savor the moment and enjoy the still
That we should trust our intuition and honor our duty

For waiting teaches us to be patient and humble
To appreciate what we have and what we hope for
To recognize the value of every struggle and stumble
To prepare ourselves for what lies ahead and more

Waiting is not a weakness but a strength
It shows that we have faith and courage in our heart
It proves that we can endure and go to any length
It reveals that we are ready for a new start.

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