The Waiting Game

Waiting for something that never comes,
Hope and anticipation, they weigh like tons.
Patience wears thin, as time ticks away,
Expectation turns to uncertainty, day by day.

Disappointment looms, like a dark cloud,
Frustration builds, like a crowd.
Persistence and perseverance, they’re put to the test,
As faith and trust, they’re put to the rest.

Dreams and aspirations, they seem so real,
But reality bites, like a sharp steel.
Illusion fades, like a mirage in the desert,
Emotions and feelings, they’re left to assert.

The waiting game, it’s a tricky one,
It can be won, but it can also be undone.
So hold on tight, and don’t let go,
For the train may come, when you least know.

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