The Weight of Words

Disrespectful criticism not able to speak back,
A heavy burden on one’s mind, a relentless attack.
Words thrown like daggers, cutting deep,
Leaving wounds that are hard to heal and keep.

The weight of words can be immense,
Leaving scars that last, a lasting offense.
The tongue can be a weapon, sharp and deadly,
Inflicting pain and hurt, leaving one feeling lonely.

It’s important to choose our words with care,
To speak with kindness, show others we’re aware.
For once spoken, words can’t be taken back,
And the damage they cause, we can’t retract.

So let’s be mindful of the power we hold,
And use it for good, to uplift and uphold.
For disrespectful criticism not able to speak back,
Can leave a lasting impact, a heavy, painful attack.

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