The Whispering Clock of Fate

With every tick-tock of the Whispering Clock, I feel my fate unfolding.
With every strike, I hear whispers of destiny, like secrets that are unfolding.
It counts down the minutes and seconds of life,
A countdown to the unknown fate that carries strife.

What does fate have in store for me?
Only the Whispering Clock can see.
It’s the mysterious force that we can’t control,
The one that shapes our destiny, body, and soul.

As the Whispering Clock of Fate ticks on,
I sit and watch, waiting for what dawn.
But the whispers in its sound remind me of time,
Of life’s moments, its beauty, and its crime.

The tick-tock echoes in the silence of night,
A reminder that fate is never out of sight.
And before I know it, the whispers grow louder,
The countdown to fate becomes prouder.

The Whispering Clock of Fate never rests,
Its rhythm always ringing in our chest.
Counting down the moments till the end,
Ticking away our lives like a good friend.

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