Thoughts, a Kaleidoscope

Another year, another epiphany,
That my thoughts are a kaleidoscope, ever-changing.
Eluding comprehension, they dance and gleam,
As time flies by like a fleeting dream.

With age, memories fade, regrets multiply,
A symphony of emotions, a raging sky.
My mind, a cauldron of churning thoughts,
A fiery tapestry that never rots.

Yet, the ride is exhilarating, a roller coaster of life,
With twists and turns that spark and ignite.
So let’s embrace this journey, with all its flaws,
And dance with the rhythm of our hearts’ applause.

Come closer, my friend, let’s leave the mundane,
For adventure awaits, where dreams are sustained.
Let’s bleed with every passion, every crime,
And make the most of our time, sublime.

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