Tingly Touches: A Sensuous Poem

Tales of tender touches,
Tingling through your skin,
Tracing every inch with soft lips,
Taking time, tingly wins.

Chills, the rise and fall,
Goosebumps so divine,
Satisfaction, it covers all,
Whispering soft like wine.

Luscious lips of lullabies,
Long to place a sweet caress,
Tracing, teasing, tongue unties,
Echoing with tenderness.

One touch, those gentle fingers,
Softly high and lightly low,
Escape to heights that linger,
Slowly, simmering, in a glow.

Tenderly taking its time,
Upon the calling of silky skin,
Tasting pleasures oh so divine,
Leaves you with an undeniable grin.

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