Today is broken, so I will cry

Today is broken, so I will cry,
A solitary tear, a river wide,
A sorrow’s depth, a sky’s height,
A fragile soul, a world’s weight.

The morning dawned, a false promise made,
A lie that mocked, a truth betrayed,
The sun rose high, a fiery blade,
That cut through dreams, a night’s disguise.

Yesterday’s memories, a faded hue,
A past that taunts, a present Blue,
Regrets and what-ifs, they crowd the mind,
A chorus chanting, a melody unkind.

Tomorrow looms, an uncertain guest,
A shadow dancing, a future unblessed,
The wind howls warnings, a storm’s portent,
A darkness gathering, a tempest’s consent.

Today is broken, so I will cry,
A lonely figure, against the sky,
A single drop, a deluge vast,
A sorrow’s ocean, forever fast.

The stars above, a distant throng,
A celestial choir, a heavenly song,
They sing of hope, a gentle breeze,
That whispers secrets, a symphony of ease.

But here on earth, a different tune,
A discordant beat, a funeral march boon,
The trees stand still, their leaves rustle sighs,
As nature mourns, a requiem replies.

Today is broken, so I will cry,
A fragile vessel, a sea of sighs,
A shattered dream, a world awry,
A solo voice, a universe denied.

Yet in the midst, a glimmer shines,
A ray of light, a beacon divine,
A chance to mend, a second chance,
A new beginning, a life to enhance.

Today is broken, but tomorrow waits,
A clean slate, a canvas unfurls,
A brush of hope, a palette bright,
A masterpiece, a new day’s delight.

So let the tears fall, let the heart weep,
For in the sorrow, a lesson keep,
That life’s a journey, twists and turns,
But strength and courage, our spirits learn.

Today is broken, so I will cry,
But with each tear, a wisdom nigh,
That though the world may shatter and fade,
Our inner strength, a rainbow’s shade.


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