Today it rained vengefully and hard #Poetry

Today it rained vengefully and hard
and my men deserted me.

My kingdom was as close

as calling it by name. Peru.

I braid your hair, daughter,

as you kneel with your head in my lap.

I talk softly, stopping to press your face to my chest.

Vera Cruz. Listen. My heart is speaking.

I am the fishes, the five loaves.

The women, the men I killed simply ate me.

There is no dying, only living in death.

I was their salvation.

I am absolved by their hunger.

El Dorado, the kingdom of gold,

is only a tapestry I wove from their blood.

Stand up. My enemies will kill me

and they won’t be merciful with you.

I unsheathe my dagger. Your mouth opens.

I can’t hear you. I want to. Tell me you love me.

You cover your mouth with your hands.

I stab you, then fall beside your body.

Vera Cruz. See my skin covered with gold dust

and tongues of flame,

Transfigured by the pentecost of my own despair.

I, Aguirre the wanderer, Aguirre the traitor,

the Gilded Man.

Does God think that because it rains in torrents

I am not to go to Peru and destroy the world?

God. The boot heel an inch above your head is mine.

God, say your prayers. 

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