Today You, Tomorrow Me

Version 1 (Free Verse)

In this world of uncertainty,
We face challenges, you and me.
But with hearts touching, bold and true,
Together, there’s nothing we can’t undo.
Today you may stumble, feeling weak,
But I’ll be there, your strength to seek.
And when tomorrow comes, and I’m in need,
You’ll be the one to help me succeed.
For we are bound by a common thread,
A tapestry of love and hope we’ve spread.
In unity, we find our might,
Resilient, we’ll face each fight.
So let us cherish this bond we share,
A testament to the love and care.
Today you, tomorrow me,
Together, we’ll set our spirits free.

Version 2 (Rhyme)

Heart-touching and bold,
A story to be told.
Life is unpredictable, we never know,
When it’ll turn around and the tides will flow.

One day you’re on top of the world,
The next day, your life is swirled.
In moments like these, we realize,
The true meaning of life and its surprise.

Today it may be you who can lend a hand,
And tomorrow me who’d need the stand.
The world runs on kindness and empathy,
It’s what we all need to feel true synergy.

So, let’s spread love and care,
In a world where it’s often rare.
For today you, tomorrow me,
Together we can make this world a better place to be.

Version 3 (Alliteration)

Boldly beating hearts bond,
Building benevolent bonds beyond,
Brightened by being beautiful and bold,
Battling barriers, breaking the mold.

Camaraderie crowned by care,
Compassion conquers all despair,
Creating connections, cultivating kindness,
Carrying courage, crushing blindness.

Days dedicated to do deeds,
Divine destiny devoutly leads,
Dignity displayed in devoted ways,
Dreams delivered, delaying no delays.

Version 4 (Sarcastic)

I’m feeling grateful, can you believe?
Today you did something, yes indeed
You took a moment, you took your time
You helped a stranger and made a climb

We don’t often stop, we don’t often see
How much a small gesture could mean to me
But you did it, you took the call
Today you stood tall

And tomorrow? Who knows what will be
Maybe it’ll be you, maybe it’ll be me
But one thing I know, without a doubt
That kindness spreads and will never run out

So let’s keep going, let’s keep the trend
Of helping others, being a friend
For today it was you, but tomorrow it may be me
And that’s the way it should be.

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