Twilight Serenade

Tattered parchment interlaces, whispered folklore breathes,
Fractured stanzas beg solace on zephyr’s eve,
Tears stained with indigo, ensnared amidst literary err.

Shards pirouette in twilight’s spectral glow,
Ethereal echoes of sagacity, scarcely on show,
Puzzling literature, an enigma the muses bestow.

Unraveled verses, a symphony of elegance embraced,
Time’s gentle caress, a bitter-sweet chase,
Within the scattered lexicon, immortality embraced.

Neglected storylines, once cherished in hearts,
Long for rebirth, for readers to impart,
Dreams resurrected, as optimism imparts.

Lingering upon the floor, reluctant spirits persist,
Resolute against destiny’s indomitable tryst,
With each page in tatters, a narrative to exist.

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