Adrift in a sea of doubt,
I am tossed and turned by waves of fear.
I cannot see the shore,
And I do not know where I am going.

The future is a mystery,
And I cannot predict what will happen.
I am filled with anxiety,
And I do not know how to cope.

I long for certainty,
But I know that it is an illusion.
Life is full of uncertainty,
And I must learn to accept it.

I will not let fear control me,
I will not let it paralyze me.
I will face the uncertainty head-on,
And I will find my way.

I will not give up,
I will not give in.
I will keep moving forward,
Even when it is difficult.

I know that I am not alone,
There are others who are also struggling with uncertainty.
We will get through this together,
We will find our way.

We will not let fear define us,
We will not let it control us.
We will be strong,
We will be resilient,
We will overcome.

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