Unwelcome Guests

Uninviting is this place,
No warmth nor welcome on its face.
The door is shut, the curtains drawn,
No sound of laughter, not even a yawn.

But lo, who comes knocking at the door?
A guest uninvited, what a bore!
With muddy boots and unkempt hair,
A most unwelcome sight to bear.

The host begrudgingly lets them in,
Offering no smile, no welcoming grin.
The guest sits down, with a heavy sigh,
As the host lets out an internal cry.

The air is thick with awkwardness,
As the uninvited guest causes distress.
Their presence felt like a heavy weight,
Making the host regret their fate.

Oh, uninviting is this abode,
With guests like these, it’s quite a load.
No joy nor comfort can be found,
In this house where guests abound.

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