Disrespectful criticism, not able to speak back,
The feeling of powerlessness, like being under attack.
Words that cut deep, leaving scars on the heart,
Leaving one voiceless, tearing them apart.

The silence can be deafening, the pain hard to bear,
As the words replay, like a never-ending nightmare.
The urge to speak up, to defend oneself,
But the fear of more criticism, keeps one on the shelf.

But the voiceless can find strength, in other ways,
Through self-love and healing, they can break out of the maze.
Through art and expression, they can find their voice,
And rise above the criticism, and the noise.

So let the voiceless be heard, let their stories unfold,
Let them rise from the ashes, and break out of the mold.
For they are strong, resilient, and brave,
And their voice deserves to be heard, beyond the grave.

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