What About Exams? #Poetry

Paperworks and all the lessons
Sharpened my mind to behold
more and more of that useless knowledge
We would probably never use.

Tests are bad enough.
Marks at the corner teach
us nothing but jealousy.
The adults compare and
judge as much as they want to
And screamed and shouted
cried and muttered.

Exams are anything but better.
You got stuck in a room
by the tension.
by the
hot headed determination
to strive for the stars.
Inhumanly high.
This isn’t hollywood movies
Nothing like the literature essays
‘how do we create tension’
the subjects
hold your fate
but you did once told yourself
‘I have no life’

So what are we doing here?
Wasting our days
on something so terribly useless.
Insignificant lectures when we know
Accountants hated maths.
Doctors hated biology.
but they are who they are because of
good results.
They will realize
no teachers like marking
stupid homework.
They hate the red crosses
And so do we.
Exams doesn’t teach us
how to be a good person.
how to cope with beasty bullies..
how to survive
on our own.
It doesn’t show any real talents
nor your low (high) IQ
It’s just a pain in the arse
You have to deal with before
you became wrinkled, grey
fuzzy and old.

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  1. Jayshree Solanki Avatar
    Jayshree Solanki

    Splendid u are,I loved the way it flowed, fantastic end,💐

  2. VishalDutia Avatar

    Thank you mam

  3. Ssameera :) Avatar
    Ssameera 🙂

    Correctly said..! Awesome Work Vishal.. 🙂

    1. VishalDutia Avatar

      Thank you

  4. Enigma Avatar

    Truth! Sheer Truth!

  5. VishalDutia Avatar

    Yaa absolutely damn..!! 😊👍

  6. AlanGraceNZ Avatar

    Reblogged this on Word Play … Work in Progress. and commented:
    NCEA restistance is futile; Star wreck: watch this space!

    NCEA Math sense we cannot forge
    There is a vast chasm or gorge
    We’ll [b]last into exile
    Resistance is futile
    NCEA Borg Math will not reforge

    Alan Grace
    8 December 2017

    Daily prompt: Chasm

    Exam stress is bad enough without inappropriate questions.
    This year the New Zealand NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement ) Level 1 Maths exam (usually sat in Year 11) was claimed to be too tough.
    Click on the NCEA tag (on left under heading for this post) for more info or click on

    1. VishalDutia Avatar

      Thank you for reblogging

  7. sarahifox Avatar

    This is such an enlightened poem! I love this stance on exams and it’s so true that they don’t measure who we are outside of knowledge. The grades are just numbers and they don’t tell us about what makes us valuable. Good luck to everyone on their finals!!!

    1. VishalDutia Avatar

      Thank you

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