What Kind Of Life Is This?

Hold back the tears
Hide your fears
Keep up that smile
its all going to be fine

Curl into a ball
Safe under the covers
Shield your ears
Close your eyes

The world is scary
The world is dark
But the world is also beautiful
No. Stop. Its an illusion

Don’t trust anybody
They will surely leave

Fight for them
But they don’t want me
let them go
But then I’m all alone

Surrounded by lies
These people play their games
Loose yourself in the moment
And for a second you can be happy

Take off that blindfold
And you see who’s truly there
There’s nobody around
Just you
within your own pit of despair

I’m lonely
They all pretend
Its all false, its all fake
Its true isint it?

You dwell in your self pity
You push people away
You dont show your true emotions
Then you still expect them to stay?

So in the end
Who’s else is fake?
Who’s else is playing pretend?
Cause surely you can see now
Your just like them

What kind of life is this?

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