Wheel of time

The Wheel of time
Spins and weaves the threads of fate
A pattern of ages, a tapestry of lives
The heroes and villains, the light and the dark
The Dragon Reborn, the Aes Sedai, the Forsaken
All play their roles in the cosmic drama

The Wheel of time
Turns and shapes the world anew
A cycle of breaking, a cycle of healing
The lands and peoples, the cultures and wars
The prophecies and legends, the magic and lore
All form the history of the epic saga

The Wheel of time
Moves and tests the hearts of men
A challenge of courage, a challenge of will
The choices and actions, the hopes and fears
The love and loyalty, the betrayal and pain
All reveal the character of the human spirit

The Wheel of time
No one can escape its design
A destiny of balance, a destiny of change
The wheel of time.

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