Whispers Among Trees

Through the wide expanse of trees,
The winds whisper secrets, soft and free.
Caressed by gentle zephyrs, whispered with grace,
A melody of secrets, adrift in this sacred space.

Whispers carried by the breeze’s gentle sway,
Tales of love and longing, in a mysterious way.
The trees sway in rhythm, as if in harmony,
Singing the ballad of you and me.

In the language of leaves, the secrets unfurl,
The winds, faithful messengers, in a beautiful swirl.
They tell of stolen glances and hearts filled with fire,
Of whispered promises, igniting desire.

In the dance of the branches, a symphony of desire,
The breeze weaves a tapestry, setting souls afire.
Oh, how the winds sing, in a language so rare,
The story of us, woven through the autumn air.

So listen, dear lover, to the whispers in the trees,
Their ethereal chorus, carried on gentle breeze.
For in their subtle rustle, the secrets will be found,
The love that blooms in silence, with a tender sound.

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