Words Unsaid

The things I said, I can’t take back,
Words that cut deep, leaving a painful track,
Regret fills my heart, as I realize the impact,
Of the hurtful words, that I can’t retract.

I yearn for forgiveness, and a chance to make amends,
To mend the bridges, that I broke with my words, and make them blend,
But the damage is done, and the hurt runs deep,
And I don’t know how to communicate, or how to seek.

The things I said, haunt me every day,
A constant reminder, to watch what I say,
To choose my words carefully, and think before I convey,
The thoughts in my head, and the things I display.

But there is hope, in the power of apology and redemption,
To seek forgiveness, and make amends, without exemption,
To communicate openly, and bridge the divide,
And heal the hurt with the things unsaid, and the words that abide.

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