Worried And Feeling Low

Thinking about you till late night
I think about you, and I worry
I hope what i see is wrong
I worry about you everyday
I hope that you will be safe
Worried and afraid in every way
But not losing hope or faith
I hope thing’s doesn’t go factually
But I have a feeling, wish that’s not true
As now the tears in my eyes begin to pour
Dripping down my face, as I worry about you.
As facts are cruel
Suddenly i am feeling low after i talk to you.
I Love You A Lot.


I promised someone no interference in anyones life

* These Is The Biggest Problem I Face,

I Am In Middle Of Something Very Important And The Fuck I Am Writting Down These Thoughts, Orelse These Thoughts Will Eat Me Up. Lack Of Concentration. Lack Of Focus.

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