Yearning for Connection

It is a yearning, from within the earth
This wish to hold and to be held, a sense of worth
To feel the warmth of another’s embrace
To find solace in a lover’s grace

The earth itself desires connection
A longing for love, a natural reflection
Of the human heart’s deepest yearnings
For a love that’s true, and forever burning

To hold and be held, is a primal need
To share one’s life, and plant a seed
Of love, that grows and blossoms bright
A bond that’s strong, and always right

The yearning for connection, runs deep
A longing for love, that’s hard to keep
Bottled up, inside one’s heart
For the fear of being torn apart

But take a chance, and let love in
Embrace the warmth, and let it begin
For in the end, it’s all we need
Connection, love, and hearts that bleed.

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