Your body is a canvas

Your body is a canvas

Your body is a canvas, and I’m the artist with the brush
I’ll paint you with my passion, with every single touch
Your skin is like silk, so smooth and so soft
I’ll explore every inch of you, until you’re begging me to stop

I’ll kiss you on your neck, and nibble on your ear
I’ll whisper dirty secrets, that only you can hear
I’ll take you to the edge, and then I’ll bring you back
I’ll tease you with my tongue, until you’re ready to attack

I’ll take you to the stars, and then I’ll bring you down
I’ll make you scream my name, until you wear a crown
You’ll be my queen, and I’ll be your king
We’ll rule this world of pleasure, with every single thing

So come on, my love, let’s make this night divine
Let’s lose ourselves in passion, until the end of time.

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