Your eyes

In your eyes, I glimpse a boundless dream
Of hands outstretched, seeking the unseen
A yearning deep for something more
A cherished vision you truly adore

Within your eyes, a window to your soul
A reflection, revealing a hidden goal
The tone, with a touch of concern, conveys
The weight of what your heart truly craves

In your gaze, a flicker of uncertainty
Anxious ponderings whisper silently
Yet within that worry, a flicker of hope
A strength emerging, learning to cope

For in this reflection, there lies the key
To unlock the secrets, to set yourself free
With each passing glance, may you be inspired
To chase your desires, with passions required

So fear not the worry, it serves as a guide
A catalyst to drive you, to forge a new stride
In this journey of self-discovery, you’ll find
The worries intertwine, with aspirations aligned

Thus, let your eye be a mirror that imparts
The depth of your dreams, the fire in your heart
Embrace the tone of worry, let it fuel your way
To make your hidden goals shine every day.

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