Your words are poison

Your words are poison, venomous and deadly,
Dripping with toxicity and deceit so deadly,
They sneak into my being, wreaking havoc and pain,
And leave me with wounds that refuse to heal again.

You speak so well, with honeyed tones and charms,
Then leave me in a state, with shattered trust and harms,
Your false promises and lies have left me with damage,
That I struggle to keep up with, and can barely manage.

Your words are poison, bringing only hurt and pain,
And yet I keep returning, again and again,
Hoping somehow, magically, things will change,
Not realizing your toxicity, so deeply ingrained.

Like a snake lurking in the grass, waiting to strike,
Your words have brought despair, leaving me in a dark plight,
But I refuse to be your prey, anymore, no matter how hard you try,
Your words may be poison, but I am done letting them hurt me and my life.

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