You’re not lost

Amidst the rustling leaves, I perceive thy presence,
Though wandering aimlessly, thy spirit’s essence.
With fingers intertwined, thou gather-est the earth,
And in each step, a tale of purpose hath birth. The radiance of hope, within thine eyes doth gleam,
A beacon bright, that darkness cannot seam.
Gratitude and grace, from lips doth flow,
Echoes of kindness, that the winds do know. Beneath the canopy of autumn’s hue,
I witness thee, amidst life’s ebb and flow anew.
For though lost, thy spirit remains aglow,
Guiding steps, through paths heretofore unknown. In every gesture, a story unfoldeth,
Of resilience, strengthened by life’s manifold.
Through trials tempered, thy character doth shine,
A testament to courage, forever divine. So fear not, dear one, for within thee lies,
An inner compass, guided by love’s wise.
Embrace each moment, let go of disguise,
And trust the journey, for it doth surprise.

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