Yourself #Poetry


You have to learn to be content with sleeping on your own,

With sitting by yourself, 

With singing by yourself.

You have to learn to be content with thinking on your own, 

With singing by yourself, 

With fighting by yourself.

You have to learn to be content with being on your own.


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  1. Barbara Huntington Avatar
    Barbara Huntington

    Yes, I hear you

    1. VishalDutia Avatar

      Nice One

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  3. Jayshree Avatar

    Beautiful 🙂 not easy:)

  4. Jayshree Avatar

    But very important lessons in life to be learnt

    1. VishalDutia Avatar

      Yaa every1 should

  5. Marcel Biehringer Avatar
    Marcel Biehringer

    Definetly true, very inspiring

  6. exposetheself Avatar

    hey it sounds we are both in the same class right now! haha. trying to learn how to. It is so weird, I have been an adult for years but right now, I feel like a child that has never slept alone and is afraid of the dark.

  7. neversilencethemadness Avatar

    I really had to learn this after ending my relationship. I had previously been in long term relationships for and added amount of 10 years and it was the first time I was truly learning how to enjoy myself, and being alone… I now know that it is one of the most important things, to learn how to love yourself and learn to be happy without another person there to facilitate it. Love the poem. 💋

  8. kerry887 Avatar

    Yes ! Love it

    1. VishalDutia Avatar

      Thank you mam😊

  9. Zenith Avatar

    most certainly do!!

  10. Laila Laurson Avatar
    Laila Laurson

    So true!

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